Local Council Election

Sending Out an SOS

The BID Board is working hard to support business enterprise in the town, to increase footfall, and to revive the town’s sense of identity and purpose.  We asked all the prospective candidates for the forthcoming local council election:

  • What would you bring to our (BID) table should you be elected to Perth and Kinross Council and appointed to our Board?
  • Do you have business experience to offer?
  • How would you help to develop and support our relationship with Council Officers?
  • Would you be prepared to act as our advocate, even when this might mean taking a stand against your Party’s declared policy?
  • What is your vision for our town?
  • What would you do to improve the town and particularly the business sector?

We were pleased to receive 6 candidate responses and are happy to post them, together with the full letter. Follow the links to read  all responses and how each of them would help the business Community of Crieff.

Graham Donaldson – Chairman, Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd

Rhona Brock – Independent

Stewart Donaldson – SNP

John Fellows – SNP

Craig Finlay – Independent

Roz McCall – Conservative

Alex Menzies-Runciman – Conservative

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