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Some of you may be surprised to learn that the benches in James Square are the responsibility of Crieff in Leaf. In fact there are a huge number of areas locally that wouldn’t look half as good without the assistance of this surprisingly small number of volunteers.

crieff in leaf
Crieff in Leaf is one of those organisations that we might sometimes take for granted, they carry on year after year adding something special to various areas of our town and often we mistakenly assume that the work they have done was simply regular council maintenance.
Crieff in Leaf do receive donations from Perth and Kinross Council, along with assistance (and planter sponsorship) from local businesses, they also receive help from the council occasionally when the time comes to exhibit for competitions in the form of road clean-ups and other town maintenance. However, thousands of voluntary hours are logged each year from this group of local volunteers, all to try and make our town look it’s best. It’s safe to say that Crieff wouldn’t look half as good without the work of Crieff in Leaf.
Crieff Succeeds is committed to helping this group in whatever way it can and I recently chatted with their chairman Keith Stewart and their treasurer Margaret Morrison to see what we can do to help. Unfortunately they do a lot of their buying in late autumn/winter (they need to start the plants off in polly tunnels before planting begins) so a lot of this year’s spending has already taken place. However, we’re currently looking into ways that Crieff Succeeds can still help financially.
There is still one additional thing that certainly could help them, and that is more volunteers. If you’re interested in getting outdoors and helping out (it’s not a bad time to be out, since spring seems to be starting to emerge) please let me know and I’ll pass your details on to them, I’ve volunteered myself so I’ll no doubt be working alongside you at some point soon.
All the best, John
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