The Crieff Succeeds Board meet on a regular basis. The minutes of these meetings remain in draft form and are approved at the next meeting and can be downloaded from the links below.

You can also read the minutes and notes from our Annual General and Open Meetings.

2015 Board Meetings

1st September    15th September     7th October    19th October  3rd November

1st December

2016 Board Meetings

There was no board meeting in January. The board attended a workshop on board management and operations. No minute worthy matters were discussed.

9th February     15th March     12th April     10th May     14th June      12th July

2nd August    6th September     4th October     25th October     22nd November

2017 Board Meetings

7th February    4th April     6th June     15th August      3rd October

5th December

2018 Board Meetings

6th February   3rd April    5th June

The minutes of the AGMs remain in draft form and are approved at the subsequent meeting the following year.

2016 AGM

Open Meetings


Chairman’s Report   Annual Update


Chairman’s Report   Annual Report   Annual Update   Marketing Update   Q & A

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