Crieff Succeds Ballot

BID Ballot Opens

Crieff Succeeds BID ballot opens for businesses to cast their vote.


The much anticipated ballot to decide the future of the Crieff BID opens today, 7th May. The postal ballot will be open until 18th June with the result expected the following day.


314 eligible properties have been identified within the Crieff BID boundary, having a non-domestic rateable value of over £1,000 and not falling into the exclusion types of; places of worship, emergency services and youth club. Each property owner or the person responsible for the non-domestic rates for that property will be entitled to vote for or against the BID.


The ballot paper along with a copy for the Crieff BID Business Plan has been posted to the eligible person as identified on the Scottish Assessors website or otherwise agreed with the BID.


Graham Donaldson, member of the BID Steering Group said. “The BID boils down to three key issues: This is our only chance to regenerate the town, there is nothing else on the table; The BID brings  all Crieff businesses together to work towards the successful implementation of a superb 5 year plan; Lastly Crieff BID is a fair  way to generate the resources and money  to ensure we move Crieff forward as a successful vibrant place to do business and live.


Karen Christie, Fun Junction Crieff said. “I am happy to support the BID, anything that co-ordinates the events and activities within the town and organises professional marketing of Crieff can only be a good thing”.


The BID requires a minimum turnout of 25% and of that the majority must vote in favour. In addition, of the total value of the non-domestic rate attributed to the votes cast more than 50% must be in favour.


If the BID is voted through any eligible voter can nominate themselves to sit on the BID Board. If there is an oversubscription for the board a ballot of the names submitted will take place to decide who runs the BID Company. The new BID Board would then decide a chair from within their number.


Alan Rankin Project Leader of the Crieff Succeeds BID said. “It’s now down to each business to cast their vote as they wish. The process started back in October 2013 and since then there have been; open meetings, postal surveys, one to one meetings, door to door leaflet drops, press coverage, social media comment and lots of chat around the BID. The whole process has been open to those who wished to engage and contribute to shaping the BID Business Plan.”

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